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SAP eAcademy

To meet the surging demand for SAP professionals, SAP has developed the eAcademy program. Thjis program is for participants who want to be trained to function as a SAP consultant and prepare them for SAP’s certification test. This supported learning programme delivers comprehensive, fully accessible training in a flexible, modular and cost effective format.

SAP Consultant Certification Programmes (Choose one)

Course Curriculum

Participants are required to select ONE track, consistent with their background and experience

  • The curriculum covers the components necessary for the successful planning, analysis and implementation of a SAP enterprise solution in detail.
  • The curriculum includes the respective course manuals, eLearning courses, access to SAP training systems and help desk support.

Learning objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants should be able to:

  • Function as a SAP consultant with strong fundamental knowledge and skills, and a sharp focus on business processes and solutions
  • Analyse the business components and applications modules included in the SAP enterprise software and relate them to common business processes for managing a business organisation
  • Support the activities involved in configuring or customising the SAP enterprise software in the context of a large-scale enterprise software installation project

SAP Certification Test

Upon completing the course, participants will be required to register directly with SAP and take up an online examination administered by SAP.

Upon Completion

You will gain:

  • A globally recognised certificate awarded by SAP
  • Recognition as a SAP Solution Consultant in your chosen area of expertise
  • Access to vast resources from SAP information network

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