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Online SAP Training Courses

Our eLearning training courses are self-paced interactive sessions. They’re available ON DEMAND 24/7.

eLearning, also known as Computer Based Training (CBT) or Web Based Training (WBT), is a form of self-paced training that is delivered to a global audience on a CD-ROM, over a local area network (LAN), on the Internet, or even on MP3 players and PDAs. teksoft ventures now offers eLearning courses to fit your on demand lifestyle.

Advantages of SAP eLearning for Corporations & Organizations

With custom tailored eLearning courses, organizations and corporations reap the benefits which include:

  • Cost-effective: Costs are significantly reduced as the need for instructors and facilities to teach the material is also reduced or eliminated.
  • Reduced classroom time: Since the users can complete the training based on their own schedule, the time spent learning is greatly reduced which also makes eLearning more cost-effective.
  • Tracking the completion: Our courses are setup to track the usage and completion of each individual eLearner.

For customized online training courses for your corporation or updates to your existing courses, please fill out a Contact Form and a representative will contact you promptly.

Advantages of eLearning for Learners

Through the use of these new technologies, eLearning has several advantages for students of SAP which include:

  • Easier access: Training may be completed at the convenience of their own work or home computer.
  • Self-paced: Users have a flexible opportunity to either read the material slowly or skip through sections based on their level of knowledge or experience.
  • Engaging Users: With the combination of video instruction(audio & visual), rich illustrations, detailed charts, program simulations, exercises, games, and quizzes, eLearners are given an easy-to-understand course that targets foundational principles and advances gradually to complex problem-solving and service procedures.


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