SAP Certification Programs

PLM-Quality Management Certification

Sapient Business Consulting in partnership with SAP is proud to offer the SAP Academy. This programme enables Sapient Business Consulting students to undertake SAP Consultant Certification training via e-learning. The SAP programme will be fully accessible online, enabling participants to study at their own pace, with online support and access to expert instructor help at scheduled times.

Details for the course are outlined below:

Product Lifecycle Management – Quality Management Certification


Students can access the training materials from anywhere within Australia.


The SAP Academy content is accessible for 5 months for supported learning at your own pace.

SAP Course: 3 months for each online course enrolled.

U21Global Course: 3 months (online)


SAP Academy includes:

  • e-Learning course
  • Help desk support
  • Access to training system
  • Student handbook

Software Component and Release

  • SAP ECC 6.0

Course Content

The Academy TPLM4e is a package of the following training contents:

  • ERP001 Management Empowered by SAP ERP (e-learning)
  • SAP01e SAP Overview
  • ERP040 Management Empowered by mySAP ERP Logistics and Operations
  • SAP230 SAP Plant Maintenance Overview
  • SAPPLM Overview of the SAP PLM solution (e-learning and student handbook)
  • PLM400 Business Processes in Quality Management (e-learning and student handbook)
  • PLM412 Quality Planning and Inspection (e-learning and student handbook)
  • PLM415 Quality Management in Logistics (e-learning and student handbook)
  • PLM420 QM in Discrete Manufacturing (e-learning and student handbook)

Upon Completion

You will gain:

  • A globally recognised certificate awarded by SAP
  • Recognition as a SAP Solution Consultant in your chosen area of expertise
  • Access to vast resources from SAP information network
  • A globally recognized Certificate of Professional Development from U21 Global with crests of Melbourne University, Birmingham University, Nottingham University and Virginia University.

Admission Criteria

Applicants must meet one of the following requirements for admission into the program:

Candidates have a recognised Bachelor’s degree or Professional qualification with a minimum of two years of management or professional experience.

For candidates without a recognised Bachelors degree or Professional qualification a minimum of three years of management or professional experience is required.

Fresh graduates and other candidates who do not satisfy any of the above criteria will require an interview and may be enrolled on a case-to-case basis.

Admission Process

Candidate may commence their SAP programme at anytime.

Candidate is required to select this SAP track and ONE U21Global course, consistent with your background and experience

All payment must be made in advance of course commencement, access will be provided 2 weeks after receipt of full payment.


Processing fee: A$50 (non-refundable)

Course Fee: A$4,950 (full fees inclusive of GST.)

Fees include online access to relevant SAP e-learning training materials and training systems. Also includes hard copy training manuals.

Certification Test

Upon completing the course, candidate will be required to register directly with SAP and pay the test fee of A$900.00 to sit the online examination administered by SAP.

The U21Global course will include an examination component.


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